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Arts Learning Outdoors

Can we have class outside today?

How about a performance!

If your school is able to host a safe outdoor gathering, here are some AFLMA artists who are ready to come out and perform dance, theater, music, and storytelling cultural arts programs for preK-12 students, under the sun.

Andrea & Anna: Songs and Stories for STEAM Learning (PreK-1)

Behind the Mask (mask theater programs)

Celtic Bells: The Irish In Boston (K-4, 4-8)

David Zucker is "Poetry in Motion" (PreK-12)

DrumatiX: Rhythm Delivered: Audible Dance, Visual Music (PreK-12)

Ezekiel's Wheels Klezmer Band: Exploring Klezmer: Ashkenazi Music and Songs (K-12)

The Fourth Wall: Fruit Flies Like a Banana, and How Music Works: The Science of Sound (K-8)

Grooversity: Brazilian Beats (K-12)

Illstyle & Peace Productions: Become Your Dreams - History of Hip Hop Dance and Hip Hop Promotes Positivity (K-12)

Johnette & Scott: Swamp Romp (PreK-3)

Kirsten Lamb: Coyote's Song (PreK-5)

Leeny Del Seamonds: ¡Vive el Cuento! (PreK-12)

Leland Faulkner: Walker Between Worlds (K-12)

Li Liu: Traditions of Chinese Acrobatics (PreK-12)

MythMasters: Tales From Greek Mythology (K-12)

Mystic Paper Beasts: Sky Tales (K-5)

Odaiko New England: Taiko Thunder (K-12)

Shaw Pong Liu: Exploring China - Exploring China - The “Middle Kingdom” Through Music & Story (K-8) 

Tanglewood Marionettes: Fairy Circus (PreK-3)

Urbanity Dance: Dancing in Each Other's Shoes (K-8)

Valerie Tutson: The Right to...Liberty (3-12) and Tales from African Traditions (preK-12)

Veronica Robles: Dancing with the Colors of Mexico (K-12)

Taiko performer posed to strike a drum outside on a lawn