Arts for Learning Massachusetts Performing and Teaching Artist Application


Become an Arts for Learning Massachusetts Artist

Thank you so much for your interest in joining our community of artists!

Arts for Learning MA is one of 30+ affiliates of Young Audiences Arts for Learning Inc., the largest arts education network in the country. Our professional artists are passionate about sharing their experience and art forms with young people, and inspiring curiosity and confidence in future generations of creatives.

Our programs encourage curiosity and exploration in arts learning and the opportunity to:

  • Experience an art form and be inspired by professional artists
  • Understand an art form through its cultural context, creative process or the role of the artist and artistic expression.
  • Encourage young people to Create and make artistic choices
  • Connect personal experiences to creative expression and engage in other academic learning and social and emotional development.

Arts for Learning MA artists are part of an artist learning community both locally and nationally. We offer ongoing professional development through the network, coaching, and opportunities to collaborate with the AFLMA program team and other artists on program development.

Artist applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. You will be contacted for a further interview or audition if we feel your program matches our current needs. Programs are selected based on artistic merit, educational effectiveness, and the ability to communicate and productively engage with young people. Artists must be available to work in-person during the school day, after school, or during the summer school season. All artists work with AFLMA as independent contractors. AFLMA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

We’re looking for professional artists who demonstrate the following:

  • Artistic excellence in their chosen field.
  • Experience with in‐school programming and/or afterschool/summer programs
  • Excellent communication skills, whether on stage or in the classroom.
  • A well‐planned arts program that connects to an age‐appropriate student audience.
  • Responsible, with a friendly and professional demeanor.
  • A willingness to respond quickly to all communications from AFLMA and to attend planning sessions

Please click here to fill out the application.

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If you have any further questions, please contact our staff.