World of Wonder - Shadow puppets and theatrical illusions for school assemblies - Leland Faulkner


World of Wonder

Type: Performance
Art Form: Theater & Media Arts|Exploring Cultures
Grade Level: K-12
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Leland Faulkner’s World of Wonder stimulates students’ imaginations through shadow-theater, illusion, and characters from around the world. Coming from an international background, Leland has created a multi-cultural theatrical program that is both sophisticated and accessible. Join Leland in exploring the source and properties of shadow, and the myriad possibilities in a single sheet of paper. Laugh at the classic humor of Nasruddin, the wise fool of the Muslim world, as he encounters an invisible chicken. Imagine a hat brim that is impossibly twisted into an infinite number of objects, marvel at paper butterflies that appear to dance and multiply, and explore the possibilities of light and shadow as Leland creates a menagerie of silhouettes with only his hands. Physical theater, classical conjuring, and creative storytelling create a performance that has been hailed internationally as a theatrical feast.


Length: 45 minutes
Audience Limit: 300
Curriculum Connection: Shadow Puppet Theatre, Storytelling, Folktales, Science of Shadow

For the performing artist, literature does not just exist on the page, it exists in the imagination. Reading something fantastic and mentally engaging, can inspire the ability to write well, with clarity, and imagination. Watching a story or character come to life on stage can also instill the desire to express ideas eloquently.

In particular, as an artist I celebrate literacy by researching and reading classic stories, writing original ones, devising original solutions for bringing them to the stage or screen, and finally sharing these live performances and films with others. This requires a good academic tool set.

These tools include not just writing, but play writing, screen writing, poetry, acting, mime, and technical magic to bring the ideas to life. However the process begins, there is always a literary element because the ideas are formalized and recalled by writing down the concepts and then expanding them through performance. It begins with a script.

– Leland Faulkner

Video: Remote Arts Learning Showcase (Leland begins at 43:28).
Video: "Shadowgraphs"

Single Performance: $700
Additional Performances: $560
Travel: $150 per day
Pricing may vary for weekends/out-of-school time
Processing Fee of $30 added to all contracts


  • 1 reserved parking space
  • Private changing area
  • 1 chair
  • 2 bottles of water
  • Easy access to electrical outlets.

Performance Space:

  • A stage is preferred with safe, easy access to it from the audience. Audience should be seated as center to the stage as possible, especially in the first few rows. If they are seated too far out to the sides, they will not be able to see the shadow puppetry during the program.

Arrival time before first performance: 1 hour

Strike time: 30 minutes

Time needed between performances: 15 minutes

Teachers are expected to model appropriate audience behavior for students.

Please introduce the performer as an Arts for Learning Massachusetts artist.

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Travels from Maine, late start times or overnight accommodations may be necessary.