World Music/Percussion Workshops Music


World Music/Percussion Workshops

Type: Workshop|Residency|Remote
Art Form: Music|Early Childhood|Exploring Cultures
Grade Level: PreK-12
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The World Music/Percussion residency will explore Latin drumming as well as the drums and rhythms from other places in the world including the Middle East, Africa and the USA. Since all drumming and rhythm are related to each other, students will explore a mixture of instruments and rhythms for creative and fun musical experiments! World Music/Percussion includes storytelling and cultural learning which will help students to understand better how to work in groups while respecting each other’s individualities within a culturally responsive approach.

As a result of participation in the program students will be observed to have:

  • augmented artistic skill proficiency in playing a variety of basic hand percussion instruments
  • deeper understanding of subject specific knowledge (cultural context, key vocabulary and terminology).
  • enhanced social/non-cognitive skills such as self-confidence, collaboration and perseverance.
  • discovered and revealed talents and affinities.

Program available in person, or live online.

Length: 45-60 minutes
Audience Limit: 25
Curriculum Connection: World Music, Percussion, Storytelling, Music, Character Education, SEL

Minimum of 2 workshops per day

2 Workshops: $500
Additional Workshops: $200
Residency Workshops: $150-$350

Planning fee based upon scope of residency.
What is a residency?

Travel: $50 per day

Processing Fee of $30 added to all contracts

Pricing may vary for weekends/out-of-school time


  • 1 reserved parking space
  • A room that can accommodate all of the students sitting in a circle
  • A teacher in the room to support artist and address student needs