Wojo Artists



Type: Workshop, Residency
Art Form: Theater & Media Arts
Grade Level: K-12

Wojo Womack is a multidisciplinary media artist whose heart and purpose lie with community support and development. He is a Columbia University Certified Master Teaching Artist with over 20 years of experience designing and implementing curricula he’s personally implemented in over 40 schools with each program spanning a school year. Through these experiences he has created the Dot Product Approach, a holistic teaching strategy whose philosophy based in practicality and efficacy, which he has disseminated in a series of workshops at Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, and countless NYC schools and CBO’s.  His personal mission is to equip youth with the tools to create their own identity and become self-actualized.  Rapport building, culturally responsive pedagogy, student centered learning, social emotional learning, collaborative learning, differentiated teaching, and cultivating an innovative mindset are the bedrock for an effective education process and every effort he makes is in the services of this foundation.

Programs Offered