Albert Einstein: Relatively Speaking - STEAM historical character for schools - Young Audiences


Albert Einstein: Relatively Speaking

Type: Performance|Remote
Art Form: Theater & Media Arts|History, Math, Science
Grade Level: 4-12
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Meet the man whose name has become synonymous with genius! George Capaccio enters classrooms as Albert Einstein, and delights audiences as they discover the scientist's very human qualities, and follow the trajectory of his life from a patent clerk in a Swiss office to a world renowned figure. Student participation includes learning of his insights into the nature of reality through interactive experiments.

Remote Learning Adaptaion: Available both live online and pre recorded. The pre recorded version is 60 minutes long, and makes use of more visual aids to support and enhance the teaching of science. 

Program available in person, live online, or as a pre recorded video including one virtual artist visit.

Length: 45 Minutes
Audience Limit: 200
Curriculum Connection: Physics, History, Historical Figures

Video: Remote Arts Learning Showcase (George starts at 1:08)

Single Performance: $600
Additional Performances: $480
Travel: $50 per day
Video Program (one week access+ one virtual artist visit): $600
Additional Artist Visit (30 min): $150
Pricing may vary for weekends/out-of-school time
Processing Fee of $30 added to all contracts

Remote (live online):

School sets up link for remote meeting and makes the artist a co-host. Screen share must be enabled. Artist may need to sign on 20-30 minutes prior to the meeting to check sound levels. A representative from the school must be on the call to facilitate Q+A and mute students as needed. Please introduce the performer as an Arts for Learning Massachusetts artist.


Remote (pre-recorded):

School has access to the video for one week unless otherwise stated in contract. Do not distribute video link outside of the agreed upon parties. Downloads are prohibited. Please introduce the performer as an Arts for Learning Massachusetts artist.



  • 1 chair
  • 1 small desk or table
  • 1 teacher or other staff person to read a brief introduction, which artist will provide.

Arrival time: 30-45 minutes before the performance.

Time needed between performances: at least 15 minutes

Strike time: 10-15 minutes.

Teachers are asked to model appropriate audience behavior for students.

Please introduce the performer as an Arts for Learning Massachusetts artist.

Visiting artist, in-person availability May 20-24, 2024. This program is available online year-round.