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Tanglewood Marionettes

Type: Performance, Workshop, Remote
Art Form: Theater & Media Arts, Early Childhood, History, Math, Science
Grade Level: Pre K - 12

Tanglewood Marionettes is a nationally touring marionette theater based in Massachusetts. Skilled puppeteers who have spent many years perfecting their art perform classic tales. Tanglewood Marionettes travels with a self-contained marionette stage that has integrated lighting and sound systems. The programs are presented with the marionettists in full view, so that the audience can witness firsthand the mechanics of puppet manipulation.

Peter Schaefer
Peter Schaefer was born into a family of puppeteers, and has been performing with hand puppets, rod puppets, and marionettes since he was knee-high. After refining his skills with a local puppet company for several years, Peter purchased a marionette show from a retiring Boston puppeteer and launched his own company – Mountain Marionettes. After touring nationally for two years under the aegis of National School Assemblies, Peter decided to join forces with a fellow puppeteer and form a new company – Tanglewood Marionettes. Over his professional career, Peter has brought his unique marionette artistry to hundreds of thousands of children and families throughout the United States.

Anne Schaefer
If you had asked Anne Schaefer when she was young what she wanted to be when she grew up, “puppeteer” would never have entered her mind. Now, however, she will tell you she can’t imagine being anything else! After studying art and philosophy in college, Anne took a summer job with the Bennington Puppets of Bennington, VT. The summer job turned into five years of intensive puppetry during which Anne immersed herself in the many facets of puppet theater. In 1993, Anne joined with Peter Schaefer in forming Tanglewood Marionettes. While taking a hiatus from touring to raise a family, Anne transitioned to the roles of Business Manager and Artistic Director for the company. Now that the children are grown, Anne will rejoin Peter on the road and ply the puppets once again!

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