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Gideon Freudmann

Type: Performance, Workshop, Remote
Art Form: Music, Early Childhood, Exploring Cultures, History, Math, Science
Grade Level: K - 12

Composer and acoustic/electric cellist Gideon Freudmann enjoys an international reputation for his innovative compositions and unique style of playing. He composes music for theater, film and dance, and also performs live soundtracks for classic silent films. His music is inspired by the best of classical, modern, jazz, and blues traditions, and is both immediately accessible and richly detailed in its nuance and complexity. Gideon has had his compositions featured on several NPR shows and has performed as a TEDtalk speaker. He recently released his 19th CD, a duo album for cello and mandolin.

The Boston Globe said of Gideon, “Taking a modern artist’s approach to the four-stringed instrument, Gideon Freudmann has brought the cello to a new realm.”

Gideon Freudmann
• Recorded and produced 19 albums of original music
• His music has been used on radio shows: All Things Considered, Car Talk, This American Life and The Dr Demento Show
• His music used on the TV shows: Weeds, and Good Morning America
•  Featured at Montreal International Jazz Festival, Jazz Festival of Prague, and New Directions Cello Festival
• Composed Soundtracks for several Silent Films and in the documentary, Buck
• Composed Sountrack for award winning short film, Denmark
• Performed throughout US, Canada and in Czech Republic, Australia and Taiwan
• Wrote Tunebook for Cello and composed several String Ensembles
• Held artist-in-residencies at universities throughout the US
• Interviewed on NPR’s Weekend Edition

Programs Offered

Gideon Freudmann with right arm around an acoustic cello and left hand holding an electric cello.