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Create The Vote

Election season is a time for leaders and community members to come together to discuss the strengths and challenges of our towns and cities. It is also a time for us to openly debate our visions for our communities and think about what is possible.

Right now, many in the creative community are experiencing the impacts of violence, racism, and injustice amid the catastrophic disruptions to our creative ecosystem by COVID-19. This has left many of us feeling angry, sad, exhausted, and overwhelmed. We know that many members of the arts and culture community are struggling to reimagine the future while also trying to figure out when to reopen, restart, and begin to recover.

As members of the creative community, we have reached a moment where going back to normal is not enough. We must have radical hope that a more just, inclusive, and representative democracy is possible, and play our role in making it possible.

We are proud to join #CreateTheVote, MASSCreative’s nonpartisan, public education campaign to increase civic engagement and strengthen our democracy.  This campaign invites us to take individual action as artists, creatives, culture workers, and arts administrators, and invites us to use our creativity and the platforms within our networks and organizations to take collective action.


Invite your network to take the pledge and help #CreateTheVote using MassCreative's Social Media Toolkit

Take the Census by Wed., September 30, 2020 to help set priorities for your community. Learn about why it's important, and share the information with your network.

To learn about current changes to the election process, check out MassVote's Guide to Voting in the Age of COVID-19.

To learn about Voting-by-Mail, check out MassCreative's Vote-By-Mail FAQ and handy Vote-by-Mail Flow Chart. Share this information with your networks. 

VOTE for the change you want, in the
MA Primary election, Tuesday, September 1, 2020 and the
Federal Election, Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

  • To check your registration status, register, sign up for election reminders, and look up your polling place, visit

  • To preview your ballots and learn about candidates and issues, visit

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