Community Tapestry Residency Visual Arts


Community Tapestry Residency

Type: Residency
Art Form: Visual Arts
Grade Level: 3-5 or 5-8
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In this collaborative, hands-on weaving residency, Stacey will start by teaching students about the math behind setting up a loom and planning a tapestry. After a mini-lesson on the array of weaving traditions from history and around the world -- from the art of Andean tapestry, to the craft of the American industrial revolution, to the philosophical practice of Japanese Satori weaving -- students will have an opportunity for some hands-on learning. Over the course of the residency, students will work on individual weaving projects. They will also collaborate on a collective tapestry, woven on the two looms Stacey will bring. Each student will have the opportunity to add their individual flare to the group project by incorporating "treasures" from their personal lives. This collective tapestry will be a lasting piece of community art that your school can keep and display.  

Length: 45 minute workshops
Participant Limit: Maximum of 25 students per workshop
Curriculum Connection: World History, American History, Crafts, Weaving


Materials fee: $5-$10 per student (Artist can buy or school can supply)

Planning fees starting at $125 based on scope of residency

Travel Fee: based upon mileage

Processing fee of $30 added to all contracts

1 artist (double mileage below to account for initial and return trip)