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Dalcroze Workshops

Type: Workshop|Professional Development
Art Form: Music
Grade Level: K-4 and Professional Development for teachers
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Dalcroze Education is a playful, experiential approach to teaching and learning music. It is a process for awakening, developing, and refining innate musicality through rhythmic movement (often called eurhythmics), ear-training, and improvisation.

Move the Music (Students K-4)
Exciting experiential games nurture children’s musicality and confidence in their own musical intuition. Discovery, active listening and a spirit of play abound as children learn vital musical concepts by using their bodies as the principal instrument.

Professional Development Workshops for Teachers

Introduction to Dalcroze Education: Around the World in Song is based on principles of Dalcroze Education. Now, be part of this joyful, social and experiential workshop where you’ll learn music through the body! Special pedagogical sessions available as add-on for music teachers and music education students.

Listening Through the Music: Exciting, quickly learned improv games give participants experience critical to working with others: the abilities to tune in, connect, and respond spontaneously and meaningfully to one another to make fresh, fulfilling music.

Length: 45-60 minutes
Audience Limit: 25

One Artist
One stand alone workshop: $430
Two workshops back-to-back: $750
Additional or post performance workshops (same venue, same day): $200

Two Artists
Two workshops back-to-back: $900
Additional or post performance workshops (same venue same day): $250

Three Artists
Two workshops back-to-back: $1,300
Additional or post performance workshops (same venue, same day): $300

Travel Fee: $150
Planning Fee: based upon scope of residency
Processing Fee of $30 added to all contracts
Note: Prices may vary for weekends/out-of-school time


-A large room with freshly cleaned floors. The best spaces for Dalcroze have hardwood floors, but carpeted rooms or linoleum-­lined floors are fine, too. All of the furniture should be removed from the room or at least all of the tables/chairs should be stacked and moved the far end of the room. It is important that the floors be mopped or vacuumed because the participants will be moving in bare feet.

-Maintaining safety and comfort is essential! The size of the room depends on the number of movers, but generally a good rule of thumb is to plan for 50-­75 square feet per person. -Observers are welcome, but only if there is room. If the space is too crowded, then it's not ideal for anyone to have observers.

-A tuned, acoustic piano; grand pianos are nice, but not required. The piano should be located in a corner of the room with the treble end of the instrument angled towards the center of the room so that visibility is not an issue.

-A large white board or chalkboard with an appropriate stand, writing utensils, and eraser.


See more information in Guidelines for Prospective Dalcroze Workshop Presenters

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