Local Cultural Council Grants Due October 15 News


Local Cultural Council Grants Due October 15

Sep 3, 2019

Applications for this year's Local Cultural Council (LCC) grants are now open online and are due October 15, 2019.

If you have chosen YAMA programming for the upcoming school year but are not yet sure how to fund them, these grants can be an excellent resrouce. The Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) funds and manages a network of 329 Local Cultural Councils across the state, representing every city and town in the Commonwealth. Each council awards money based on individual community cultural needs, assessed and set by council members. Applicants should apply directly to local councils.

The MCC recommends that interested applicants:

1. Read about the LCC program

2. Review State Guidelines and the application process

3. Check out your council's priorities

4. Apply online. All applicants should submit their applications through the online system. There may be some councils that accept paper applications. Check the council's priorities to learn if paper applications are accepted. If they are accepted, a Word version of the form is available upon request.

Unless a Local Cultural Council prohibits the practice, it may be possible to submit more than one application to an LCC. However, because the demand for LCC funds far exceeds the supply, applicants should first contact their LCC to discuss whether or not it makes sense to submit more than one application or to prioritize the applications.

If an applicant feels that a program will provide public benefit to more than one community, they may submit an application to more than one LCC.

Between November 1 and December 30 councils will hold voting meetings to make decisions on applications, send denial letters, and handle reconsideration requests.

By January 15, councils will have submitted their Annual Report to Mass Cultural Council, and will begin to notify applicants.

Grant applicants with questions about YAMA programming should contact Rachel Flood Page, our progam coordinator at rfloodpage@yamass.org or 617-629-9262 ex. 306.