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Nancy Bell

Type: Performance, Workshop, Remote
Art Form: Storytelling & ELA, Theater & Media Arts, Visual Arts, History, Math, Science
Grade Level: 3 - 12

Before Nancy Bell comes to your school in the morning, she gets up before dawn to tend her sheep! Nancy lives on a small homestead in Ashburnham, MA with her sheep, goats, chickens and rescued dogs. The experiences she brings to your students are drawn both from real life, real skill, and a genuine love of bringing Living History into the present day. The wool she brings for your students to spin into stories and book-marks, is from sheep she shears herself.

In addition to being a farmer, Nancy Bell has been a much beloved “Edu-tainer” in New England schools, libraries, and festivals for more than twenty years. She is a gifted storyteller with a rare ability to delight audiences of all ages with her passion for fiber arts, literature, history, and music. She graduated with a B.A. in literature from Gettysburg College in 1989, then certified as a High School English teacher from Moray House Teacher Training College in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1991, where she also certified to teach English as a second language. She has taught literature and poetry classes, and hosted drama camps within the home school community for many years. Her favorite thing to do is to cherish the Old while learning something New!

Programs Offered

Nancy Bell performs a storytelling program about spinning and the American Revolution